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Crime shorts by black authors. Featuring, not necessarily inorder of appearance: disappearances, betrayal, hidden lives, deceit, snuffed hope, ghost lives, the enduring effects of race and trauma. t0rus-milk-bread said: Hi lovie, it’s me again haha. I was wondering if you could do something where the reader is a part of Levi’s group with with Isabel .

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Our son, Mitchell, was 22 and about to start a graduate program. Our daughter, Gabrielle, was 19 and about to start her second year of college. We sprung the trip on them in April, asking them to each bring a friend as we traveled across the country, staying in . Mar 28,  · I was going to go see the mother-in-law but drinkies with Bettyboo sounds so much more fun!” Sabrina squealed, and Betty contagiously squealed too. It was 4pm, she was cold and over-indulged with her unshaven legs out to the world, and being roped into a mid-afternoon drinking session by a plastic bimbo who she was embarrassed to see.