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Apr 22,  · “Entropy shakes its angry fist at you for being clever enough to organize the world.” -Brandon Sanderson The second law of thermodynamics is one of those puzzling laws of nature that simply Author: Ethan Siegel. Fist of Entropy, Wildhammer's longest and most established guild, is looking for fresh blood to fill our current raid core. We are looking for players that want to raid and have a positive attitude about it. We are also looking for players that strive to be the best they can be, may it be with professions, min/maximizing gear selections, or.

where denotes the sum over the variable's possible values and is the logarithm, the choice of base varying between different voyeurisms.xyz 2 gives the unit of bits (or "shannons"), while base e gives the "natural units" nat, and base 10 gives a unit called "dits", "bans", or "hartleys".An equivalent definition of entropy is the expected value of the self-information of a variable. Entropy, also represented as the symbol S, is the measure of disorder or randomness of the particles in a thermodynamic system. The greater the disorder of the particles the more positive the change in entropy (∆S) will be. The reverse is also true; the less disorder results in more negative entropy.

The condition ΔS ≥ 0 determines the maximum possible efficiency of heat engines—that is, systems such as gasoline or steam engines that can do work in a cyclic fashion. Suppose a heat engine absorbs heat Q 1 from R 1 and exhausts heat Q 2 to R 2 for each complete cycle. By conservation of energy, the work done per cycle is W = Q 1 – Q 2, and the net entropy . Entropy shakes its angry fist at you for being clever enough to organize the world. Brandon Sanderson Entropy is the normal state of consciousness a condition that is .