She has a mASS effect on me - effectiveness of spermacide condoms


effectiveness of spermacide condoms - She has a mASS effect on me

Aug 14,  · Condoms are simple to use and effective. When used alone, condoms are 85 percent effective—out of couples using condoms during sexual intercourse 15 will result in pregnancy. Condoms are even more effective when used with spermicidal solution. Condoms are not permanent and simply removed after sexual intercourse. Apr 21,  · Even though spermicide and the pull-out method aren’t the most effective forms of birth control by themselves, they are great ways to “backup” a condom.

Aug 20,  · Spermicide condoms can knock those swimmers out with a one-two punch of latex to keep them from escaping, and a chemical (the spermicide) to . Feb 01,  · Spread some spermicide on the outside of the condom, after it is unrolled over the penis. It is even more important that the female partner also use a spermicide inside the vagina. Each time you repeat intercourse, a new condom must be used. Condoms should never be reused. Spermicide should also be applied to the outside of the new condom.

Aug 05,  · Spermicide comes in the form of cream, gel, foam, dissolvable film, and suppository. In the U.S., the only FDA-approved spermicides contain nonoxynol-9 (N-9), a detergent which works by damaging a sperm’s cellular membrane. While spermicide is likely safe for most people, N-9 can damage the cells in the vagina, particularly after repeated use. Nov 06,  · Spermicide condoms are an effective method of birth control and STI protection providing they are worn and used correctly. However, there is Author: Bethany Cadman.