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what is facial flushing - Alluring Cougar doing what she does best! #15

Facial flushing is the sudden and mostly short-lived reddening of your face and neck. The causes of facial flushing are many. A sunburn, a fever, chronic rosacea--a type of inflammatory skin disease-- and hot flashes can all cause your face to temporarily flush. The treatments for facial flushing depend on the cause, but in many cases include cooling of your skin. flushing definition: 1. present participle of flush 2. When you flush, you become red in the face, especially as a. Learn more.

Feb 08,  · Skin blushing or flushing is a sudden reddening of the face, neck, or upper chest due to increased blood flow. Causes Blushing is a normal body response that may occur when you are embarrassed, angry, excited, or experiencing another strong emotion. Flushing definition, a seaport on Walcheren Island, in the SW Netherlands. See more.

Skin biopsies showed multiple telangiectasias and no sign of mast cell abnormalities. Tests for other potential causes of flushing disorder were obtained, which were remarkable for a serum calcitonin concentration markedly elevated at pg/mL (normal. Facial flushing (redness and warm feeling) Severe diarrhea; Wheezing; Fast heartbeat; Many people find that factors such as stress, heavy exercise, and drinking alcohol trigger these symptoms. Over a long time, these hormone-like substances can damage heart valves, causing shortness of breath, weakness, and a heart murmur (an abnormal heart sound).