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A real bar fight with football player Alex Karras gained Afflis attention, which resulted in several more fights. On November 19, , Dick the Bruiser and Dr. Jerry Graham engaged in a tag team match at Madison Square Garden in New York City before a crowd reported as 12, fans. Their opponents were Antonino Rocca and Édouard Carpentier. Oct 19,  · Alex Karras vs. Dick the Bruiser Two bouts, one informal, one formal, Karras, suspended from the NFL for gambling in , earned money as a wrestler and carefully oversaw his stake in the.

Oct 05,  · THE DICK THE BRUISER VS ALEX KARRAS AFFAIR One of the all-time most memorable battles to ever take place in wrestling may or may not have been a work. While it definitely occurred in , the memory remains as vivid to long-time wrestling fans as if it took place yesterday. Aug 20,  · ALEX KARRAS VS. DICK (THE BRUISER) AFFLIS, The Buildup: Wrestler Afflis and Lions DT Karras already had a bout planned when they got into a scrap in Karras's Detroit bar. Patrons joined in, the action spilled into the streets and the cops were called. The Bout: The two finally got it on in front of 10, fans at the Detroit Olympia later.