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The second stage of female sexual arousal — pay attention, this is relevant to your question — induces increased blood flow to the breasts. The areloae, the darker area of skin around the nipples, increases in size and the breasts themselves can temporarily increase in . This makes the breasts ultra-sensitive and much larger than their original size. The nipple of breast stimulation leads to the activation of the same areas of the brain like the vaginal, cervical, and clitoral stimulation. And the nipples turn from a pale to a deeper hue with the increase in the blood flow during the arousal. 4.

Increase breast size is something that many women experience. The first and foremost reason for increase in breast size is gain in weight, since breasts are made up . The permanently enlarged human breast is a peculiarity of our species (2). It may have some signaling value in communicating fertility and plays a role in physical attractiveness.

Also Read - Don't let menopause take a toll on your sex life Usually, when a woman is aroused her nipples tend to erect or harden for some time. This happens when Oxytocin is . Sex actually changes your body in the short term and the long term. For firsts, the short term difference you see is in your breast size. When you indulge in intercourse, the shape and size of your breasts .