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prognosis on breast cancer - cancer front of webcam

Jun 05,  · For metaplastic breast cancer, the majority of published case series have demonstrated a worse prognosis than with infiltrating ductal carcinoma, even when adjusted for stage, with a 3-year. Oct 30,  · A diagnosis of breast cancer can sweep you up in a whirlwind of information about type, stage, prognosis and treatment options. If you find out you have the disease, get up-to-date information from reliable sources and discuss it thoroughly with your doctor. Ask your doctor specific questions and don’t hesitate to get a second opinion before Author: Nancy Lebrun.

Because inflammatory breast cancer usually develops quickly and spreads aggressively to other parts of the body, women diagnosed with this disease, in general, do not survive as long as women diagnosed with other types of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Prognosis Breast cancer, especially when diagnosed early, can have an excellent prognosis. Survival rates for breast cancer depend upon the extent to which the cancer has spread and the treatment received.

May 06,  · The overall breast cancer survival rates for infiltrating lobular carcinoma, when matched by stage, are a little higher than for ductal carcinoma for the first 5 years. Survival rates range from about 77% to 93%, but on average, the 5-year survival . This section describes how breast cancer is diagnosed and the factors that affect prognosis and guide treatment. Follow-up tests after an abnormal finding on a screening test Sometimes, breast cancer can be ruled out with a follow-up mammogram (diagnostic mammogram), breast ultrasound or breast MRI.