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Sep 30,  · Dick & Jane are fictional characters who represented the American Dream. However,their lives have become a nightmare. It's not what they expected. They attend a class reunion, and meet a former classmate, Jimmy. Jimmy is very successful and retired. Jimmy shares with them the secret he learned from his mentor, Mr. Z.5/5(1). Jul 02,  · To jump to the end, in case you are the sort who likes to read the last page of a book first, Dick and Jane unfortunately died a long time ago. Some might gleefully say in the ashes and smoke of a fiery death. But they still line the shelves of libraries far and wide. What is curious, though, is why they died and how they came to be.

Mar 10,  · Thompson's documentary, "What Ever Happened to Dick and Jane?" aired in Peoria last month and proved so popular that the hourlong show has already been picked up by more than 40 PBS stations in six. Jun 02,  · Dick and Jane Content. The stories featured a very limited vocabulary with clear illustrations demonstrating whatever the page was about. For example, if the word to be emphasized was “up,” the story might involve Dick launching a toy airplane into the air with Jane and Sally talking about it. “See it go up. Up up it goes.”.

Feb 07,  · Maybe that’s because I read so many Dick and Jane books when I was a child. But recently, my Dick and Jane world has been turned all topsy-turvy. Names like . In the meantime, Ray married Jane Dobbins Green, who was John Wayne's secretary and completely opposite Joan in personality. More of a pushover and less strong-willed than Joan, Ray never found true happiness with her, in part because he had never stopped loving Joan. Ray and Jane divorced in He married Joan the following year.