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The fetish bear is a symbol of strength and power. The candle is adorned with turquoise, arrowheads and red willow. Red willow means Taos in the native Tewa language of Taos Pueblo The scents used in the candles are strong but yet calming. Size is 4′ x 4″ x 2″. Candles come in many Fetish Bear Candles Read More. Note: These concise meanings were provided by the Zuni Tribal Information Center. Fetishes are used by the Zuni primarily for hunting, protection and to ensure fertility. The Zuni believe that a spirit lives within the fetish, giving it its unique power.

Feb 18,  · Zuni Bear: The Guardian of the Earth. A heart-line arrow going from head to heart symbolizes a warrior’s heart is strong like the bear’s. Vera Tenorio (Santo Domingo) Jewelry Artist Native American Stone Meanings. CORAL: is known to be very soothing and very protective. It is of an organic origin, being the skeletal remains of marine. Please keep in mind that animal symbolism and fetish meanings vary greatly between cultures, and even tribes, and that this list is simply a compilation of information and is offered just for fun! Spirit Animals. Bear is the symbol of maternal protection, as well as strength, courage, power and honor. A bear fetish is believed to lighten.

Nov 12,  · Native American Taos Micaceous Clay Bear Fetish, artist's initials on the bottom, embellished with porcupine quills and small beaded quill pouch, measures 2'' x 1'' x '' P.O Box 77 Hwy 35, Mimbres, New Mexico, , United States. fetishes & their meanings armadillo - slow, sure, in no hurry. gets things right. keeper of the home. badger - boldness, perseverance, individuality. “ south ” bat - guardian of the night, cleaner. bear - strength, introspection, power of the soul. lightens emotional burdens. “ west ” beaver - builder. strong sense of family & home. keeper of the waterways.