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pill and no condom - Young Brynn Fucking BBC Stranger No Condom

Ok, my boyfriend and I had sex yesterday. I'm on a birth control pill (Loestrin24Fe), but we didn't use a condom. I've been taking my pill for about 2 weeks (15 days, to be exact), and he ejaculated inside me. Sep 05,  · Condoms are kind of the worst, they all agree, but even some women in long-term monogamous relationships say they’d rather use them than pop a hormone pill every day.

Condoms are worn externally and there are condoms for both males and females. Side effects of birth control pills that are different from condoms include nausea, headache, breast tenderness, weight gain, irregular bleeding, scanty menstrual periods, breakthrough bleeding, and mood changes. Mar 20,  · Is it safe to have sex with no condom on the pill? Asked by Nicolearianna0 Updated 21 March Topics sex, condom, birth control pills, pill.

Apr 21,  · Birth control pills are really good at preventing pregnancy. They work best when taken correctly, meaning every single day without missing any. But that can be hard to do. About 9 out of pill users get pregnant each year. Tags: STDs, condoms, the pill. Good quality condoms are not used, or condoms are used which were not stored properly, Condoms are not used with some EXTRA (more than is on the condom) latex-safe lubricant: that's particularly important when on the pill, too, since it thickens cervical mucus and also can cause some vaginal dryness.