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perimenopause and breast changes - BDSM Slave Chained and Breast Tormented

Mar 08,  · Menstrual fluctuations. Changes to your menstrual cycle can be one of the most obvious clues that perimenopause is taking place. "Periods may become more irregular, spaced further apart, lighter, heavier or have a different pattern every month or every few months," says Dr Elizabeth Farrell, gynaecologist and Medical Director of the Jean Hailes Medical Centres. Jan 28,  · If you have a sore breast after menopause or in perimenopause, it may be helpful to keep a journal to track your breast symptoms. To monitor changes in your breasts, conduct a self-exam by feeling and looking at your breasts. Some women find they develop a swollen sore breast .

Oct 03,  · En español | Menopause, plus cancer: It’s a one-two punch that some women of a certain age know all too well. Just as you’re (maybe) getting a handle on all of the delightful things that come with “the change” — hot flashes and night sweats, sleep disturbances, moods swings, brain fuzziness — bang, you’re hit with the news: You’ve got breast cancer. Breast Changes During Menopause. As women age, their bodies will go through several different phases or changes. Breast changes during menopause are common and often the most visible sign of this phase. The cause of these changes can range from fluctuations in hormones, age, weight loss/gain, illness and lifestyle changes.

During perimenopause, sore breasts can cause marital intimacy to suffer as well. "My breasts are off-limits to my husband when I'm mid-cycle" said one perimenopausal friend. "He can't even look at them without getting the 'evil eye' from me! My breasts are so painful that sometimes I can't even bear to have the shower head pointed toward them.". Monitoring your breast health is important for women of all ages, and even more important when going through menopause or peri-menopause. Normal changes Throughout the years, breasts will change slightly in their shape and feel. Some of the most common areas of change are as follows.