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Eros and Psyche by Serena Jade, gives us a modern day view to a very ancient story. Not necessarily, a companion to her first book, Charismatic Connection, but an enhancement for those seeking deeper love connections. I highly recommend, Eros and Psyche for its profound and invaluable wisdom.5/5. 19 rows · Books featuring the mythological god Eros (Greek) or Cupid (Roman). Books that are adaptions.

This book asserts that the experience of development differs along gender lines. Prometheus the firegiver Eros and Psyche The growth of love Notes v 2 Shorter poems New poems Notes v 3 The first part of Nero Achilles in Scyros Notes v 4 Palicio The return of Ulysses Notes v 5 The Christian captives Humours of the court Notes v 6 The. Cambridge University Press, Aug 26, - Psychology - pages. 0 Reviews. In Psyche and Eros, Gisela Labouvie-Vief describes historical and .

"The first book of its kind, Diessner has managed to lay a dialectical Bahá í-scientific foundation for the psychological study of the spiritual lives of people. Lucid in its prose, inching forth theory from keen insight, Bahá í scripture and scientific literature, Professor Diessner s debut book is a must read." Timothy Richel, Masters in Cognition & Education, University of Washington. This is the only ancient Roman Latin novel which has survived in its entirety. The powerful tale of Psyché et Eros begins in the fourth book and continues in books five and six. The novel disappeared for many years but was re-discovered during the Renaissance.