A Scent of Heather 1980 (Full) - the scent of eros for women


the scent of eros for women - A Scent of Heather 1980 (Full)

Grounded in solid scientific research, yet maintaining an easy-to-read style, The Scent of Eros is an engrossing read about a whole new world under our noses! Kohl and Francoeur show the pathway from social-environmental sensory input to the hormones that Cited by: The Scent of Eros is a social pheromone, though. People were chattier and friendlier with me than usual, seeming to be more comfortable. Just as a social pheromone would do. Even if people aren't friendlier and chattier with you, at least you'll have a perfume that smells nice/5.

The Scent of Eros combines an optimized blend of androsterone and androstenol, two powerful pheromones that have been linked through human studies to positive changes in women’s hormones and women’s mood. The Scent of Eros was developed by James Vaughn Kohl, a renowned pheromone researcher and author of two books on the subject of pheromones/5(13).