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Contemporary philosophy is often described as divided into two camps: continental and analytic. Though some dispute the usefulness of these terms, they do provide a good understanding for. From the standpoint of contemporary analytic philosophy, the problems constituting the domain of ‘philosophy of adult education’ are those logical problems which we find in any realm of informal discourse in which arguments have to be devised, propositions have to be framed, and terms chiefly drawn from ordinary language have to be put to a variety of often unforeseen uses.

Abstractor: N/A. ISBN: ISBN ISSN: N/A. Philosophical Foundations of Adult Education. Second Edition. Elias, John L.; Merriam, Sharan B. This book examines the philosophical foundations of adult education (AE). The following topics are discussed: philosophy of AE (philosophy and action in theory and practice and philosophy for adult educators); liberal AE (historical development, liberal . Jan 06,  · Analytic Philosophy has yet to be applied to question about education on a large scale; Articles are beginning to appear, however characterized more by their methodology and presupposition by consistent Pattern of conclusions. Aim of Education -.

May 20,  · Progressive education encourages the development of life-long learning and social skills, and is often associated with education for social responsibility and democracy. Radical adult education philosophies are in many ways similar to progressive ideals, but more specifically radical education is the belief social, political, and economic. Traces the development of analytic philosophy of education during the last three decades. Identifies two major stages of development ( and ), the characteristics of the stages, and the criticisms launched against analytic philosophy of education. Finds recent criticisms outdated and misdirected. (DMM)Cited by: 2.