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Jan 26,  · The location of stem cells within the adult CNS makes them impractical for surgical removal and autologous transplantation. Their limited availability and histocompatibility issues further restrict their use. In contrast, olfactory neuroepithelium (ONe) located in the nasal passageways has a continuous regenerative capability and can be Cited by: The most controversial of these stem cells are the ones procured from human embryos, which must be destroyed in order to obtain the cells. Scientists have been able to create induced pluripotent stem cells by reprogramming adult somatic cells (cells of the body, excluding sperm and egg cells) through the introduction of certain regulatory genes.

Adult stem cells. There are 2 types of adult stem cells. One type comes from fully developed tissues such as the brain, skin, and bone marrow. There are only small numbers of stem cells in these tissues. They are more likely to generate only certain types of cells. For example, a stem cell that comes from the liver will only make more liver cells. Feb 03,  · Tharmapalan P., Khokha R. () Adult Mammary Stem Cells: Identity, Location, and Functional Assays. In: Turksen K. (eds) Adult Stem Cells. Stem Cell Author: Pirashaanthy Tharmapalan, Rama Khokha.

Jun 17,  · A third possible location for stem cells in adult mouse and human brain occurs in the hippocampus, a part of the brain thought to play a role in the formation of certain kinds of memory [ 27, 34 ]. Central Nervous System Stem Cells in the Subventricular Zone. The adult stem cell is one of the class of cells that we have been able to manipulate quite effectively in the bone marrow transplant arena over the past 30 years. These are stem cells that are largely tissue-specific in their location. Rather than typically giving rise to all of the cells of the body, these cells are capable of giving rise.