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The Survivors For the survivors, returning to life as it had been before the Holocaust was impossible. Jewish communities no longer existed in much of Europe. When people tried to return to their homes from camps or hiding places, they found that, in . Torn from a Jewish world that was fast disappearing, the refugees created a remarkable cultural life in the camps including educational programs for children and adults, vocational training, .

Within three months, 13,, Holocaust survivors – partisans and survivors of the ghettos and camps - had arrived in Italy, mainly from Poland, Hungary and the Baltic states. After the Shoah, the Western Allies established DP camps in the areas of Germany, Austria and Italy where they were in . Compilation of essays, letters, poems, newspaper articles, and interviews with survivors from the Fort Ontario refugee camp. Provides first-person accounts of life in the camp, and reproduces several photographs and drawings by refugees. Newspaper and Journal Articles. Baron, Lawrence. “Haven from the Holocaust.

In the DP camps, Holocaust survivors sometimes lived alongside antisemites and individuals who had harmed Jews during the war. In the summer of , Earl Harrison, US President Truman’s emissary to the camps, .