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A significant percentage of Australian adults have low literacy (43%), numeracy (54%) and digital skills; impacting around three million or one-fifth of working aged Australians. The data on adult literacy and numeracy tells us that there is a mismatch between. Literacy rates among youth (aged 15 to 24) and adults are the test of an educational system, and the overall trend is positive, thanks to the expansion of educational opportunities. Globally, the youth literacy rate increased from 83 per cent to 91 per cent over two decades, while the number of illiterate youth declined from million to million.

National research indicates that around 45% of the adult population in Australia have 'poor' or 'very poor' literacy skills*. Good teaching in adult literacy is founded on an understanding of language and literacy as social practice. The student should be regarded as a user of language rather than a learner of language. Australian Literacy Educators’ Association. Myhill, D., Jones, S. & Watson, A. (). Grammar matters: How teachers’ grammatical knowledge impacts on the teaching of writing. Teaching and Teacher Education, 36, National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy (Australia) ().

The Read Write Now program exists to improve the literacy of adults who have left the school system and have inadequate literacy for everyday life demands. Call us now! Site Search. About Us. Read About Us; Be a part of the national campaign of Australia Reads. It is never too early or too late to get stuck into reading! AUSTRALIA Key issues Adults (aged ) in Australia show above-average proficiency in literacy, and problem solving in technology-rich environments compared with adults in the other countries participating in the survey, but only show average proficiency in Size: KB.