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Adult Learning Basics by Bill Rothwell and The Adult Learner by Malcom Knowles, etal. are highly recommended reading to learn more about adult learning theory. Below are just some of the theories as noted by Rothwell from his book Adult Learning Basics. Rothwell, W. () Adult learning basics. 5. Adults learn systematically and sequentially and learn best by applying the content to relevant problems. This tendency increases with age, during periods of illness or exhaustion, and when dealing with multiple priorities. “More isn’t better” when the adult File Size: KB.

Part of being an effective instructor involves understanding how adults learn. Malcom Knowles, a pioneer in adult learning, identified the following characteristics of adult learners: Adults are autonomous and self-directed. Their teachers must actively involve them in the learning process and serve as facilitators rather than fact generators. Mar 03,  · What is Adult Learning Theory? Developed by Malcolm Knowles in , Adult Learning Theory or andragogy is the concept or study of how adults learn and how it differs from children. It aims to show how adult learning is distinct and identify the learning styles which suit them best. Over the years, the theory has been added to and adapted.

Apr 07,  · Adult learning is simply a situation where adults are pursuing education. This can be done in a formal setting in higher education, trade school, or apprenticeship. This can also be done for adults who simply want to learn a skill and pursue education in order to learn that Western Governors University. Distance Learning (DL) increases access to ABE services by making quality instructional content available outside the classroom. DL generally utilizes online resources and the instructional content provided through DL includes ESL, basic skills and GED prep.