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Starseed Eyes, Face & Body Wouldn't you know people are amazed by accounts of unusal bodily differences with Starseeds, or star people, those who incarnate onto earth in a human body but whose souls have originated elsewhere in the universe. Indigo 1 is able to easily communicate with Krystal Star and Guardian Host so about 10 years ago they started Indigo 3 ending clauses so they could get as many Indigo 1’s to incarnate on the earth in this window of time. All Indigo 3’s walking on this earth now are potentially full Oraphim template or Indigo 1’s in the near future.

Think of Star-seeds as Diplomats. They are born here, on Earth, as representatives of their back-home civilizations. They are sent from other planets and many times other dimensions to experience life in a physical, 3D world, full of different species, with native Earth souls, but as well, souls from other planets and dimensions. Indigo people (include children, teenagers and adults). What is an indigo person? Here is a partial list of tell-tale characteristics. An indigo person is intelligent but may be unqualified, creative and artistic, inquisitive, short attention spans (ADHD), discontent with status quo, can be depressive, independent, has strong empathy, can be emotional, rebellious nature, anti .

May 23,  · Characteristics of Adult Indigos Indigo adults: Are attracted to ancient and historical places. Feel that there is ‘more to life’ than we physically see and experience. Have unusual opinions. Question everything. Have a deep-seated distrust of authority, especially when those in authority display lower levels of intelligence. Jun 21,  · How to Remember Your Mission as a Indigo Adult. When you have seen my previous post about “What Is a Indigo Child” then you know that the Indigo Generation refers to the Third Eye Chakra. Meaning we as Highly Sensitive People or Empaths has this energy center more open and developed then other people. Hence the name “Indigo” which is the color of .