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Apr 03,  · According to the Mayo Clinic, adults with fevers up to degrees should rest and drink plenty of fluids. While medication isn't needed for a lower-grade fever, if it's accompanied by a severe. Jun 16,  · What causes high fever only at night is a matter of big concern. In case you are suffering from fever at night, you need to check on the symptoms first. The symptoms may be a loss of appetite, irritability, general weakness, dehydration, sweating, headache, chills and shivering, etc.

A high fever is when the body temperature rises above degrees Fahrenheit in an adult (or above degrees Fahrenheit in a child). A fever this high may indicate the presence of a serious infection that has triggered your immune system. The fever is the immune system’s attempt to kill the infection. Oct 07,  · Adults with a fever higher than degrees F or a fever over degrees F that rises or lasts longer than 48 hours In addition, you should seek medical care if you have a fever accompanied by rash and bruising, difficulty breathing, and/or pain while Urgent Care.

Oct 28,  · In general, since a normal body temperature might fall anywhere from 97 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, and a “fever” is technically anything degrees Fahrenheit or higher, a “low-grade fever. For an adult whose fever is °F (°C) or lower, the recommendation is simply to rest and drink lots of fluids. Medication isn’t always necessary. Getting enough sleep can also help to support the integrity of your immune system, so your body can fight fever-causing viruses like a cold or flu. 8.