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adult confidentiality counseling in issue legal young - Mommy issues? #29

May 28,  · The competency of age determines the confidentiality of the counseling process. Legal issues – Matters concerning the various laws of any given state influence confidentiality in a way; for example, in cases of minor pregnancy, the minor might refuse to inform her parents about the plans for an abortion or even the pregnancy. Thus, if the. Young adults almost always may consent to their own care; minors may consent sometimes, but not always. Young adults are entitled to the same confidentiality protections under state and federal laws as other adults. “Minor consent laws” allow minors to consent for their own care in specific situations and for specific services.

Apr 09,  · Ethical issues in counseling generally fall on the therapist. This means that it is the therapist's responsibility to avoid unethical interactions with clients. This article will take a closer look at what the therapist's ethical responsibilities entail and examine some common ethical problems faced by mental health William Drake. Sep 10,  · “Psychologists must abide by a professional code of ethics to protect the confidentiality of information pertaining to their clients,” said Karaine Sanders, a licensed clinical psychologist in White Plains, New York, who added that this is set in place to guarantee that no information will be released outside of a client’s session without their consent to do so.