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Adult Development Center programs focus on the development and maintenance of the functional skills required for self-advocacy, community integration, employment and self-care. Adult Develpoment Center progratms have different staffing ratios to meet the bahavioral, self-care, community integration, and employment needs. Program Description The Adult Community Training [ACT] Program is, a community-based adult day program serving the IDD community in Berkeley, Oakland and surrounding areas. ACT focuses on Vocational Skills, Self-Determination, Community Integration and Independent Living Skills. Program Principles and Activities5/5(1).

We provide a self-directed community integration program that promotes self-advocacy and a lifestyle of learning. Each individual in our program possesses a unique potential; a potential to create, grow, learn, and adapt. We focus on empowering each individual in our program to enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle. The Community Reintegration Program is a time limited intensive outpatient (IOP) psychiatric rehabilitation program dedicated to providing the supports and services necessary for mental health consumers to achieve their optimal level of social and occupational functioning.

Adult Family Home Services are community-based services delivered in typical family homes that are licensed by Residential Care Services to support from 2 to 6 residents. Caregivers provide assistance with individualized care tasks that are identified in the resident’s annual assessment and in their Person-Centered Service Plan. Jul 26,  · The program focuses on community integration, and life skills enrichment. In the summer of , the adult program looks forward to moving into newly renovated space at Post Rd in Wells. Learn more about the Wells Community Support Program.