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Career and Adult Education is designed to meet the needs of our customers, which include students, business and industry, school districts, Florida colleges, community-based organizations, and correctional institutions. 1 day ago · A program in Adult and Lifelong Learning was a perfect fit," she said. She liked that the College of Education and Health Professions offered a hybrid program that met both online and in-person, and she was also impressed with the caliber of the university and its programs. "The university's status as an R1 research institution sealed the deal.

The career development literature has connected emotion to career change, career interventions, and job search. Additional exploration and development of the question of how emotions affect learning in adult education, career education, and CTE is clearly needed. (A item annotated bibliography constitutes approximately 75% of this document. Career Technical Education for High School students and Adults in Ohio. CDL, HVAC, Nurse, LPN, STNA, Police Officer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Welding.

Aug 06,  · The adult education and learning field is a broad community of educators, and career options are more varied than one might think, especially if little research has been done into the field. While it is absolutely possible, and even popular, to earn the degree in order to become an educator, there are a wide variety of job opportunities in. Career-Technical Education (CTE) is available at every public high school in the state of Ohio. If you're a current high school student, find out more about the CTE your school district offers. High School Graduates & Adult Learners.